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Wood, Cellulite, Yarn

Mami Squata, a chair
[Pyro-engraved wood with shells,
doll, paint, sparkles]

Mami Wata is a water-spirit, sometimes described as a mermaid figure, who can found throughout the western coastal regions and into central Africa. Mami Wata is described as having long dark hair, very fair skin and compelling eyes. She appears to her devotees (in dreams and visions) as a beautiful mermaid. She is interested in all things contemporary. In a general way she represents all the riches and education of the Western world.

Mermaid Mother CroneMermaid Mother Crone
The triple sea-goddess in paper mache, carpenter's putty, paint, feathers, shells
Sitting Pretty-back
Sitting Pretty-view 1

[Papier Mache and Carpenters Putty]
Sitting Pretty-front
Sitting Pretty-view 2
Little Friend-Os
Little Friend-Os for Peace
More Little Friends
More Little Friend-Os for Peace