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Nancy Toothman
605 E. Main Street
Mannington, WV 26582

email: nan@nanart.us

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My Babie, a Pom Star
My Babie, a Pom Star
Rest in Peace, my little sweetheart.S

Just Things I want to put here. Things I think about.

"I am,
I art"

It's amazing how much stuff a mixed media artist collects. Almost everything we see seems to have possiblities. I posted photos of my new studio space, but you wouldn't recognize it now. Partially finished pieces everywhere, frames stacked against the walls, binding equipment, jewelry making supplies, computers and printers, books, notebooks of iedeas, folders of dried flowers, etc etc. It's the best studio I've ever had.
It's a real working studio and I'm always making stuff!

Two favorite avatars. They say it all for me.

"Happy and Kickin' It"
Hate My LIfe
"Life Be Sucky"
Still Protesting
Wishful Thinking
Not in West Virginia : (

Whale Slaughter
Some of our most intellegent mammals. Sentient beings like ourselves.
I am speechless. I am sickened...I am disgusted.