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Nancy Toothman
605 E. Main Street
Mannington, WV 26582

email: nan@nanart.us

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"I am, therefore I art"

In Christina's Yard

Until I opened my own studio (Mountain Mama Studio) in Mannington, WV, I had operated a similar design studio in NC [Conk Point Graphix]. Prior to that I was employed as Creative Director at a large coastal North Carolina ad specialties company. As a computer artist, I designed ads, logos, catalogs, tee shirts, web sites, and an assortment of other miscellaneous graphic projects. Today I am retired but I still like to design and I love to make things.So I do.This is the wonderful part of retirement. Your time is your own.

For personal satisfaction, I stay busy creating mixed media art pieces. My "Book Series" was prompted by my love of books and of reading. This series is now on semi-permanet display at the Library here in Mannington, WV. At one time I designed and fabricated earrings and up-cycled jewelry. I sold these on www.outrageousearrings.com. If I ever have time, I may revive that site. Today I am more focused on creating mixed media art and I've just begun painting with acrylics. I remain interested in re-cyling and caring for our planet and much of my art reflects this.

I have deep roots here in Marion County. I recently returned home to "Wild and Wonderful West Virginia." I lost my little Tinker pom five years ago and I lost Bunny Rabbit (a Border Terrier) and Zippie Doo Dah (a long-hair Chihuahua) Toothman in 2016. I now have a new rescue, Binkie Cheryl Toothman.[See below] She is perfect as have been all of my pups.


In addition, I have two gorgeous daughters, Alice and Melissa, three byond wonderful grandchildren and an incredibly cute grandPom. All the family and pups are perfect. So is my sister Sandee. Life is preety good to me.

Never expected to be 72. : )

Me and BunnyBoy
Me and Bunny Rabbit Toothman,
a sweet little rescue from Pennslvania.
This was the day we came home.
Lost Bunny in 2016

In Barbados
Happy on a vacation cruise in Barbados with one of my darling daughters.

Protesting in Washington, DC
In Washington, DC. I tried. I returned to protest the bombing of Afghanistan and more recently to protest the Keystone Pipeline.